Andrew Hrushowy

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I was born in Vancouver and raised here in Victoria and the Cowichan Valley, Cobble Hill to be exact. My Father instilled in me the family’s work ethic at an early age and I kept myself busy through my school years doing everything from throwing hay bales to cleaning fish tanks to pumping gas at the local station.

I was fortunate in life to find things I was very passionate about! I learned to cook when I was very young and dreamed of being a chef so naturally when school came to a close I enrolled in cooking school and immersed myself in the industry. The food service business was very good to me and I was able to find much success and fulfillment in life as a result. As a Chef and business person I gained very distinct experience and perspective. I have been a dishwasher, restaurant owner, executive Chef and business manager. I have also fed people from all walks of life and was fortunate enough to meet many of them face to face.

I bring my experience, work ethic and standards of service gained over 15 years with me to the real estate business as well as enthusiasm, positivity and problem solving abilities. I am a firm believer that you will get out what you are willing to put in and over the years, time and time again this always rings true.

This perspective has always brought success to me in life and the businesses I was involved in. I hope I can help you find success as well! I look forward to that opportunity.