Tenant FAQ

In Case of an Emergency

What constitutes an emergency? An emergency is any occurrence or event from a building perspective that threatens the safety or security of your apartment, such as flooding or electrical problems.

  1. Call 250-884-6756 (24/7 answering service)
  2. Give your name, phone, address, and apartment number
  3. Explain the nature of the problem (eg. flooding)
  4. The answering service will page our emergency maintenance and provide them with the relevant information. You will receive a call back from our maintenance person to begin resolving the issue.

**Call 911 for police and fire emergency services**

Maintenance & Repairs

From time-to-time maintenance will be required to keep your unit safe and comfortable. Contact us to address plumbing issues, appliances, windows, etc.   For example: the plumbing backs up, the fridge stops working, your windows do not shut, etc.

Rent Collection Dates

Rent is due on the first day each month or the last business day of the current month (eg. rent is due on Friday the 31st not Saturday the 1st).

If you are going to be late please advise our accountant in writing via email. If our office does not receive written notification we will issue an Eviction Notice that will go on your record.

How to Pay Your Rent

Post dated cheques

  • Mailed or delivered to our offices during regular business hours
  • Cheques should be made out to BURR PROPERTIES LTD
  • Cheques returned for insufficient funds will be charged to the tenant at $25.00 per returned check
  • We do not issue receipts; please keep your cancelled cheque as proof of payment

Email transfer

  • To our Accountant Joanna Buchanan at joanna@burrproperties.com
  • The subject line must contain your name, apartment number and property address
  • Emails sent without identifying information will be deleted and your rent account will become delinquent
  • We do not issue receipts; your bank will confirm the success of the email transfer or not